A Fastpitch Softball Practice Drill for Short-Hops

A great drill for advanced infielders!

As infielders advance in their skill-level, learning how to properly field a short-hop is a necessity. And having a fastpitch softball practice drill or two to work on them is a huge help.

And that is what I will share with you today. Click the video below to learn about the “high-toss short-hop drill” and then continue reading for a few extra tips!

As mentioned in the video, this is a fastpitch softball practice drill for more advanced players.


Four Effective Fastpitch Softball Drills for 10U and 12U Travel Ball Coaches

Each month, thousands of travel ball coaches scan the internet for fastpitch softball drills for 10U and 12U players. And thousands more for 8U, 14U, 16U and 18U. 

Fastpitch Softball Drills for 10U

While we often like to lump groups together into broad categories (travel ball, high school, rec league, etc.), the reality is that each group has subcategories with very specific needs. While many parts of the game apply for all age levels, an 8U or 10U player is much different than an 18U player. (more…)

Great Resources for Finding Fastpitch Softball Drills

and much much more...

Fastpitch softball drills can cover a WIDE range of areas. It’s not just about the typical skills of throwing, hitting, infield, outfield, etc…although these are the most obvious.

fastpitch softball drills

It’s also the less “obvious” areas such as team building, conditioning, and mental strength.

In today’s post I am going to do something a little bit different than usual.

At Softball Coach Online, my mission is to serve other fastpitch softball coaches (specifically high school and travel ball coaches) with information and products that help them improve their program.


6 Indoor Softball Drills For Infielders

...and thoughts on running an effective indoor practice...

One of the challenges of coaching an outdoor sport is having to battle the elements. Having a plan with some indoor softball drills is a necessity if you coach “up north.”

indoor softball drills

When I was a college coach in Iowa, we spent the first 2 months of our season practicing in the schools recreation center. Even down here in sunny florida we battle the rain and occasionally rent the indoor softball facility down the street.

So what do you do when you have the limited space of an indoor facility? As a starting point you need to assess the indoor space and the equipment that you have. (more…)

4 Steps to Improve Fastpitch Softball Pitchers Durability

and Win More Championships

This is a guest post from Courtney Hudson at Coach at a Click, where she specializes in helping fastpitch softball pitchers and coaches with information, online courses, and online lessons. Head over to www.coachataclick.com for more information and to find out how she can help your pitchers this year!

Courtney Hudson


The best fastpitch softball pitchers know what it takes to lead their teams to the post-season.

In fact, the best pitchers plan ahead to get there. Here are four pre-season habits that will set them up for success.

fastpitch softball pitchers

1. The Best Fastpitch Softball Pitchers Get in Shape

Your team will go only as far as your legs and arms take them. If you are not following an arm care or conditioning program, you need to begin now. Arm care involves strength training the shoulders, upper back and forearms, along with a long toss program. My personal favorite arm care program is available at JaegerSports. (more…)

Modified Over the Shoulder Softball Outfield Drill

A great way to work on full drop-steps!

This weeks video tip is a simple Over the Shoulder Softball Outfield Drill, but with a modification. This modification is a great way to help your players feel what it is like to drop-step open completely.

softball throwing fundamentals

This softball outfield drill will help your players with their drop-step technique BIG TIME.


Infield Fundamentals: Backhand Flip Technique

One option for second baseman double play tosses

Infield fundamentals are a huge part of what we work on with our players each week. Backhands, catcher technique, grounder fundamentals, double play feeds,  drop-steps on pop-ups, and bunt defense are just a few of the things that we need to teach our teams.

softball throwing fundamentals

In this weeks tip, the infield fundamentals that I cover is one type of toss that is most commonly used by the second baseman…the backhand toss (or “flip”).


How To Catch a Fly Ball Using a Drop-Step

The Importance of This Technique

This week is a quick, but important tip on how to catch a fly ball using a drop-step. While there are some other important aspects of fly-ball fundamentals as well, today I focus only this one aspect.

how to catch a fly ball

Click below to watch and listen this weeks tip of the week, and then read below for a summary of this weeks post!

When teaching your players how to catch a fly ball it is crucial that they learn this important footwork. 


Infield Softball Drills: Triangle Backhand Drill

A drill for multiple backhand reps

As coaches, we need multiple types of drills to work on different areas of the game. Some infield softball drills will be more general in nature, while some will isolate one specific skill.

softball throwing fundamentals

The drill in this weeks tip is a drill called the “Triangle Backhand Drill.” This is one of the many drills inside the Intermediate to Expert Infield Skills and Drills Online Course.

This is a drill that isolates the backhand and is a great way to have your players get a lot of reps in a short period of time! Watch the video below and then read below the video for additional content about backhands!

As you could see from the video, the triangle is what the three players form when executing this drill.

Here are a couple of important points for using this drill with your players:


Softball Outfield Drills: Crow-Hop Over The Bat Drill

An easy way to help your players understand the crow-hop!

In this weeks tip, I explain one of the most simple but effective softball outfield drills to help your players understand how to crow-hop effectively.

softball throwing fundamentals

The player featured in this drill was only in 6th grade at the time this video was shot.

While as a young player there was some room for improvement in technique as would be expected (such as keeping the elbow up while throwing)…you can see from this video that this is a skill that can be taught even at the younger age levels. Click the video to see a breakdown of the drill, and then read underneath the video for even more content! (more…)