Four Effective Fastpitch Softball Drills for 10U and 12U Travel Ball Coaches

Each month, thousands of travel ball coaches scan the internet for fastpitch softball drills for 10U and 12U players. And thousands more for 8U, 14U, 16U and 18U. 

Fastpitch Softball Drills for 10U

While we often like to lump groups together into broad categories (travel ball, high school, rec league, etc.), the reality is that each group has subcategories with very specific needs. While many parts of the game apply for all age levels, an 8U or 10U player is much different than an 18U player. (more…)

Great Resources for Finding Fastpitch Softball Drills

and much much more...

Fastpitch softball drills can cover a WIDE range of areas. It’s not just about the typical skills of throwing, hitting, infield, outfield, etc…although these are the most obvious.

fastpitch softball drills

It’s also the less “obvious” areas such as team building, conditioning, and mental strength.

In today’s post I am going to do something a little bit different than usual.

At Softball Coach Online, my mission is to serve other fastpitch softball coaches (specifically high school and travel ball coaches) with information and products that help them improve their program.


4 Essential Fastpitch Softball Batting Tee Drills

And Key Concepts For Effective Tee Hitting

As a high school or travel softball coach, chances are good that you use hitting stations to help organize your practices. Chances are also good that you use fastpitch softball batting tee drills as a part of those stations. If you aren’t, I highly recommend it. This is a great way to help your players get a lot of reps in a short period of time.

Fastpitch Softball Batting Tee Drills

While I am not against having a full hitting practice on the field, I do not recommend doing this exclusively. Your girls need to see the end result of their hits on the field sometimes. However, if you ONLY hitting on the field then you are limiting the amount of reps your players are getting (not to mention having bored players). (more…)

Bownet Softball Product Review: How it Transformed Our Pre-Game Hitting

And how it can help you as well...

As softball coaches, we need a certain number of products to run an effective practice. The bownet softball big-mouth product can definitely help you this season…just like it helped me!

bownet softball

Just head to a travel tourney and you will see them popped-up all over the place!

Since this is a website with the goal of helping high school and travel ball coaches, helping you navigate the world of softball products is one more way I aim to help. (more…)

Baserunning Technique: Running Through First Base Properly

Key components for running through the bag properly...

Baserunning technique can have a big impact on your teams ability to score more runs, put more pressure on the defense, and beat out the “bang-bang” plays. This week I explain the key elements that you will want to teach your players when working on running through first base.

softball throwing fundamentals

Watch the video to see a quick example and listen to the breakdown about running through first base, and then read below for additional content about these fundamentals!


How to Slap in Softball: Keys For the Crossover Step

NOTE: See "Qualifier" below video regarding 2018 rule-change

In this weeks Tip of the Week I explain one of the key elements of footwork for teaching your players how to slap in softball.

softball throwing fundamentals

When you are teaching your players how to slap in softball, they need to learn how their upper body and lower body work together to be as efficient as possible.

Part of the process for the lower body is landing the crossover foot as effectively as possible. Watch the video and then read below for some additional content about the crossover step! (more…)

Softball Baserunning: Rounding the Bases Properly

Keys for making good turns around the bases...

Softball baserunning is one of those areas that oftentimes goes unnoticed, and is often under-coached.

softball throwing fundamentals

The reality is that taking a good turn, tagging up appropriately, or taking the right type of lead-off does not show up in the stats sheet…but all can be the difference in scoring a run, not scoring a run…and sometimes winning or losing!

In this weeks Tip Of The Week on softball baserunning, I walk you through a few of the essential elements for teaching your players how to make an effective turn when rounding the bases.

Watch the video below and then read below the video for additional content on rounding the bases effectively! (more…)

Softball Drag Bunting Mechanics To Pressure Your Opponents

Proper use of the upper body and the back foot

In this weeks tip on softball drag bunting, I cover a couple of important points for teaching your players how to drag bunt properly.

softball drag bunting

While there are some other areas that are important as well, today’s video focuses on the upper body and the back foot.

Watch the video below to see these parts of softball drag bunting in action, and then continue reading below the video for some additional content.


Stealing Bases In Softball: How To Get a Great Jump

Keys to getting a great jump off the pitcher in steal situations

If you want to put more pressure on the defense, then teaching your players how to get a great jump in steal situations can give your team a huge boost. In this weeks tip on stealing bases in softball, I break down a few of the key components to help your players get more aggressive steal jumps.

stealing bases in softball

Watch the video below and keep reading for a written description of the content covered in this weeks video!


Softball Bunting Drills To Help You Win More Games

One great drill to work on directional bunting!

Bunting SHOULD be an important part of your offense. If it is, softball bunting drills will need to be in your “tool-kit” to help your team improve in this area.

softball bunting drills

If you ever watch the Women’s College World Series (WCWS), the MLB World Series, or the Men’s College Baseball World Series for any length of time you will quickly notice instances where a bunt makes a huge impact on the game. OR a failed bunt makes a negative impact. It takes practice to do this part of the game well…unfortunately many times the practice part is neglected. (more…)