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    Intermediate to Expert Coaching Courses provide a step-by-step overview of the core coaching components you need to know. Any beginning or intermediate high school or travel ball coach will become an EXPERT faster!!

    • You need a PLAN to help you understand the essential skills for your team.

      Watching a lot of softball is not enough. And neither is playing the game. It takes training to know how to TEACH the essential fundamentals and strategies of softball. You cannot afford to leave it to chance!

    • This is the most affordable, convenient, and time saving process to become a fastpitch softball coaching expert.

      It took me years to go through videos, read books, and attend conferences to grow as a coach. My goal is to shave YEARS off of your learning curve with this online course.

    • I know your struggles. I have been coaching players at every youth level for the past 15 years...and still do.

      I coach the same age-groups as yourself. Every program I have inherited needed to be built from the ground-up…whether it has been at the c0llege level or youth programs.

    Cut through the fluff and learn the essentials for coaching high school or travel softball!!

    Courses #1-#7: Skills and Drills Courses

    Learn how to TEACH the mechanics of hitting, pitching, slapping, baserunning, bunting, infield, outfield, catcher-skills, and throwing!  For each course option also receive the drill section that goes with each skill area!

    Course #8: Practice Planning Made Easy

    Watch my practice planning video series and receive multiple "clipboard ready" practice plans to get your creative juices flowing!

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    Course #9: Run Producing Team Offense

    Through videos and eBooks learn how to effectively teach and call plays that will put more pressure on the defense and lead to greater run-production!

    Course #10: Shut-Down Defense

    In this course you will learn the essential options and tactics for defending bunts, slappers, and more.

    Course #11: Team Building 

    Here you will receive multiple Team Building activities for greater impact on your players!

    Here's a quick sample of one of the HUNDREDS of video tutorials waiting for you inside!

    What Others Are Saying!

    I love having so many softball resources available in one place! I can find new ideas, reviews on fundamentals, and information on every aspect of the game. Not only are the "Intermediate to Expert" videos useful, but Coach Covey is active in his website and more than willing to answer any questions you might have about softball! He loves the game which is evident by his enthusiasm in sharing his knowledge with us, and I am thankful that he has taken the time to make this course because as a busy teacher/coach I really appreciate being able to have one major resource where I can find whatever I am looking for!"

    Kassandra H., High School Varsity Head Coach

    This is the best website for travel ball coaches trying to get the most out of their young players. Coach Covey has done an excellent job at compiling fastpitch softball coaching information. Find everything from practice drills to how to make a line up that produces runs. He provides a complete breakdown of basic and advanced skills that makes it easy for every coach to help take their players to the next level."

    Courtney H., Coach at a Click Online Instruction

    The "Intermediate to Expert Course" is an informative, helpful, tool for coaches of any high school or travel ball age group. The website is easy to navigate and includes ample information on skills, drills, and team building activities. The course is a great visual for coaches to see exactly how the drill/skill is performed in slow motion and in real time. I recommend this course to any coach veteran or rookie."

    Kayla D., High School Coach

    I truly believe that your program is what every coach needs to

    Thank you for this opportunity!"

    Russ R., Travel Ball Coach


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